Is Your Metabolism Stopping You from Reaching Succees?

Metabolic Testing can tell you what your Metabolic Type is. This is how your body creates energy by either burning fat, muscle, or a combination of both. In addition, certain lifestyles lead to different cravings which affect your type.

The Types

Sugar Burners - Are insulin dependent and are often categorized as "pre-diabetic." The more insulin they have them more the cells yell "mine" and won't let the fat go. They tend to be more obese. The fat is even dispersed throughout their bodies. 

Muscle Burners - Are stress dependent and run off of sugar. These are your type-A personalities often with high blood pressure. These guys can be thin and flabby or obese. When they are obese, they hold all of the fat in the middle of their bodies. 

Mixed Burners - Is a combination of the two. They tend to have a more athletic build and will have an easier time changing the shape of their bodies. If they are too stressed they will lean more toward a muscle burner but if they eat too many carbs they could switch and lean toward a sugar burner. 

There are many different ways to classify the metabolic types. Some websites use numbers, other use letters. The site that I used was also the same site based off of the diet book. This seemed easiest to understand. 

The overall thing that I noticed was that the latest research into health and weight loss all agree that metabolic type is a thing to consider.

Discovering My Type

I needed a break from grading and lesson planning, so I was wasting time on Facebook when I came across a weight loss quiz that was about creating a better me not just weight loss. I had to try it! I figured the results would be laughable but you know... I am wasting time so why not.

The results had me sitting up and paying attention. It stated that the reason I had struggled with weight loss and feeling healthy isn't because I am not trying but because of how my metabolism works. I was labeled as "tired and wired" and a "carboholic."

Oh yea! That is totally me. I am always active and doing something and I am also always tired. I wasn't so sure about the carboholic as I watch what I eat very closely but when it started talking about hidden carbs... I am totally guilty. 

Now that I know I am a "Muscle Burner".... what do I do next? I have googled and done some research but there is a lot that I don't know about this still. I am, however, excited about possibly finding out a way to reach my goals.

What do you think? Metabolic Type... Truth or Hype? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Week 2

This week's quote is all about second guessing our choices.

I think we spend too much time reflecting and creating self doubt. This year, I am going to do my best to acknowledge that I made the best choice that I could at the time. If I make the wrong choice, I will not dwell on it.


Current Weight: 225
Weekly Loss/Gain: 0

Goal: 135 lbs
Weight Loss to date: 0

Still on my to do list but look!

I put it in my Amazon cart for pay day! It will be a few weeks but soon I will be able to tell ya all the details. In the mean time, here is a link to what I will be buying. I did my homework and this is the best (and cheapest) out there. 

Weekly Thoughts:

Everyone was off for a week. It was a grazing fest around here. Everyone ate leftover whatever for most of the week. There was no schedule and lots of jammie time. It is windy and cold. The perfect weather for Hot Cocoa. As a result, not a lot of water was not consumed. I missed my goals.

BUT I made a weekly water checklist! And I am giving you a free copy!

The big bottles with polka dots represent my 30 oz. water bottle and the little plain bottle represents my one "non-water" drink of the day which should be 4 oz. This will let me reach my goal of 64 oz. of liquid a day. 

Weekly Challenge:

This week, I am going to focus on menu planning and sticking to the plan. I am notorious for skipping meals or just "snacking" rather than actually eating. I have a ton of stuff around here that is healthy to eat, its just a matter of putting it all together and sticking to the plan!

I am going to keep focusing on that water consumption and have added my water tracker to my lesson plans. I am hoping by placing it with something I already see as a checklist that is do or die trying that I will meet my goals this upcoming week. 

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