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Flocabulary is one of my favorite websites! I stumbled across it a few years ago and have used it ever since. I have been blamed many a time for causing other teachers to need to purchase a subscription. You just have to! It is one of those teacher tools you can live without!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

This is the first video I ever saw and you can bet that every single one of my students has this video stuck in their head. Trust me, you will be showing this to your students as well.

See what I mean!

You will have students who will be wondering around singing this chorus and teaching it to their younger siblings. The younger siblings will show off to their friends about how much they know. Then they will go to their teacher begging them to play the song. They will get tired of the students asking and will come down and ask you if they have to play it. You will say "YES!" and then your class will get invited down the hall to teach her student.

Soon, you will walk into an assembly and you will see a group of students dancing and lip singing. As soon as the other students figure out what they are doing, they will join in but whispering it because well now its a competition. Soon the song spreads and the voices get louder. The next thing you know is you have almost every kid in the gym singing the song and the ones that don't know it are left wondering why they don't know it.

True story.

Not only does Flocabulary make A-MAZING videos on a ton of different topics. They create lesson plans and activities to go with all of their songs. Check out their lesson plan for 5 Parts of a Story. They truly do all of the work for you!

I have my students add almost everything to their notebooks. This means that when we learn a new song, they are responsible for it. As such, I made interactive notebook pages to go with the song. This closely matches the anchor chart in my room. It is just one more tool that I add to the great program  Flocabulary has already created.

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