2 Powerful Ways to teach MLK's Dream

Every year, I am challenged to bring historical moments alive to students who are used to being entertained. Every year it becomes more difficult but I have come up with 2 powerful lessons to teach about MLK's Dream.

Day 1 & 2

I love Flocabulary! In order to view their Martin Luther King video you will either need a subscription or the free trial. Trust me... it is more than worth the expense! 

I change things up a bit and have my students watch the entire video one time through before I start their Pause and Play video discussion. Their lesson plan is divided up into two days and I have found that it works out really well in my classroom as far as time-management goes.

However, anytime I teach my students a new song, I also want them to add it to their Interactive Student Notebooks. So, I created my own notebook page to go along with the lesson plan. We add this in right after we watch the video the first time. It gives my students a clue as to what we will be adding to our classroom mini-poster that we will complete after the video and class discussion. 

Flocabulary does an amazing job at integrating Social Studies and Language Arts! The activities that go along with it are perfect! I typically have the video playing at a very low volume in the background as they work. Audio only so they are not watching it. I like to get the tunes stuck in their head. It helps when I break out the assessment that the amazing people over at Flocabulary created!

Day 2

Love me some Kid President! I am always trying to find some way to incorporate a little Kid President into my day. His video on MLK is perfect! 

Just like with all videos in my classroom, I ask my students to incorporate a notebook page to help them remember what we learned about. As we already learned about MLK with Flocabulary the two previous days, today I am focusing on creative writing and reflection rather than the facts about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

So far, this is all I have planned for the upcoming holiday. I am thinking about perhaps a craft of some sort but haven't the chance to look or create.

You can purchase both the Flocabulary Notebook Pages and the Kid President Notebook Pages in my store. Remember to leave a comment below to be entered to win both of these products. 

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