Save Money with Honey!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to save money BUT I do not want to waste my time while doing it. I am all about quick and easy ways to save money. To me my time is often worth the extra money I could have saved while wasting away Sunday afternoon cutting coupons. Which is why I am spending time telling you that you need Honey now!

Honey is a Google Chrome extension that save you money. I am not a huge fan of Google Chrome extensions. To me, they slow down the loading time on my computer. Currently I have 1 (yes 1) extension and that is Pinterest. Why am I telling you this?? 


I just doubled my the number of Google Chrome extensions to include Honey! I am great at finding coupon codes for just about anything I purchase online. However, it takes time. Sometimes a lot of time to find a code that works. Honey does all of this for you!

How it Works

  • Install the Google Chrome Extension Honey
  • Go shopping at your favorite online retailer
  • Go to your checkout and wait for the Honey box to pop-up
  • Honey applied the coupon code for you and your savings is in the cart
  • Do a little happy dance for saving money quicker than you can blink
  • Check out
  • Wait for the box to arrive in the mail.
Yep. It is that easy! I used it just this morning over at Hallmark purchasing some really neat Kid President stuffs. 30% off baby as easy as Honey! Now if only that box would arrive so I can finally hug Kid President!

Note: Honey is an affiliate link. I am not sure how it works exactly but hey it already saved me some money I figured I would see if it could save me a little more. All thoughts expressed are my own. 

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