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Back to School Success with EdTech! Today I want to introduce to you another great tool for the 1:1 classroom. Many schools are moving toward e-book implementation as it allows them to get the latest updates at a cheaper rate than traditional textbooks. EdTech works with your districts curriculum to make your books customized to you and your students.

Please note a 1:1 classroom is not required for this tool but since I have a 1:1 classroom I am writing from this perspective.

Differentiated Instruction

As a teacher we are constantly being asked how are we differentiating instruction. Are we meeting the needs of the individual student? Are we doing more than just teaching the curriculum? We do as much as we can, we all know we could do more but when and where to find the time!

Every student is unique just as every teacher is unique. We all learn at out own pace and in our own way. Technology is making it easier than ever to review our own and our student's needs and implement them in a variety of ways.

Each student is assigned their own login information which means you can create a different experience for each student! The student can interact with the teacher to ask questions that they would not want to ask in the class.

The teacher can easily implement IEP recommendations! For example, I have a student who needs directions read aloud and another who needs everything read to them. Instead of having to make time in class for this, I can create an audio file and embed it only in their books. This allows to me to differentiate without everyone knowing. 

Customizing Your Curriculum

Edtech is a tool that allows you to embed into your e-textbooks materials to either enhance your lesson, differentiate based upon an individual student's needs, and/or using your knowledge of Multiple Intelligences, use a new method to reach and intrigue your students. 

Edtech offers a variety of ways for you to customize your textbook including allowing you to embed worksheets, quizzes, videos, audio, discussions, google docs, and my favorite... games! Yes, you can embed your learning checks and centers into the textbook.

As a science and math teacher, I know my students skip over vocabulary especially if its a difficult and/or unfamiliar word. The tools of Edtech allow them to access a dictionary to quickly find the definition. Embedding audio will help them pronounce it correctly. Adding a game will ensure they learn that oh-so-important domain specific vocabulary!

Back to School Guide

In preparing for a successful school year, I always take a week toward the end of summer break to review my reflections from the previous year and to prepare for the year ahead. Join me this week as I take you through my top 6 must-dos.
  1. Creating a Year Long Plan
  2. Setting up Schoology
  3. Using EdTech to Differentiate Instruction
  4. Managing Data with Student Binders
  5. Interactive Notebooks... revisited
  6. Updating Your Portfolio

I have a few more things to do over the summer but will be back at the beginning of August with more fun Back to School topics for you including: 
  1. Picking a Classroom Theme
  2. Setting Up Your Classroom
  3. Money Saving Tips for Back to School Sales
  4. Starting Your Morning Off Right
  5. Managing the I'm Done Now What-ers
  6. Homework they Love to do

Disclosure Statement: EdTech Software provided me with compensation in exchange for this sponsored blog post. However, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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