Honey, I'm Home!

Hi Ya'll! A few months back I decided I wanted my own little piece of the internet to reflect upon my teaching and share resources from my classroom. I thought I had time for it and then... I decided to do something I always dreamed of doing. I left the city and moved home! Shocker right?? 

I began packing and planning and dreaming of small towns and a home in the middle of nowhere. I dreamed of fresh food straight from the farm, leaves falling, and thunderstorms. With three teenage boys.... moving was no easy feat. But I'm home! It's better than I could have ever imagined. 

While I was busy dreaming and packing... Kristin was busy designing and trying to track me down. I was probably her most horrible client to date. I had no internet for awhile and as such I kept stalling the project. Well... she got it done without me. Isn't this blog design amazing??? If you need a blog design... I'm telling ya.. Kristin from Chalk and Apples is your gal!

The last day of the school year, I tearfully said good-bye to my students and colleagues. I walked out the door just a little after 1 (I was the first one checked out!), picked up the u-haul, packed it all up, and by 5... the boys and I had begun our 2000 mile trip home. 

The first week, the boys and I played tourist. We packed a picnic and picked a direction to drive. Within 15 minutes of my home are THE. MOST. INCREDIBLE. SITES! Best part... everywhere we explored was free. Yea.. just look at that picture above. It's breathtaking. We haven't finished exploring the caves yet but oh man! 

The second week was all about those dreaded applications to apply for a teaching position. Seriously, an hour or so for one application is just too much! I drove to the capital, had my fingerprints taken for a background check, and applied for a license. No license yet as I am missing a few tests. Got frustrated after looking at the expense and haven't begun to schedule or study (insert whistling and innocent face). Ummm... yea I moved without a job.

The third week, I was still waiting for the furniture to arrive but the washer and dryer finally got here and we all have clean clothes. I began working on this blog and planning for next year's classroom. I have a pretty good lead on a position and am optimistic. No... don't ask me about the tests I have to take. I'm still ignoring them. Besides... I couldn't leave Kristin hangin any longer, right? 

I'm hoping to take you along my insane method of planning for my classroom. I am always amazed that I get it all done each year. The to-do list is daunting. I always want to perfect what was nagging me from the year before. It seems no matter how long I teach there is always something I can change, do better on, organize more, etc... Don't even get me started on how every class is different and how my beautifully sculpted lesson plans that I hoped to use again will end up in the trash as this class needs something different than the last one. It's always the way isn't it? 

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